Pumpkin Pie With Secrets: Intense Taste & No Soggy Crust For People Who Don’t Like Pumpkin Pie – Thanksgiving Classics

Pumpkin Pie With Secrets: Intense Taste & No Soggy Crust For People Who Don’t Like Pumpkin Pie


– Thanksgiving Classics




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I love pies!  But the classical pie presentation of a bottom crust with filling on top only works properly if the crust is pre-baked.  If the filling is baked in the crust, the crust is invariably soggy and unappetizing.  Pie Crusts, originally, were only used to hold the filling and were not meant to be eaten.  A soggy pie crust today is not meant to be eaten by me!


Prebaked Pie Crust Images



Lots of Pie Crusts, but where are the Pies?


Some solutions, such as partial pre-baking the crust, adding thickener to the filling, or insulating the crust with some prophylactic prior to adding the filling, only ameliorate the problem; they don’t solve it.  Partial pre-baking is an upfront admission, on the chef’s part, that the chef anticipates a soggy crust.




There are many ways to eliminate the problem almost entirely.




1- Pre-baked or blind baked crust pies


2- Fried pies


3- Top crust deep-dish pies


4- Fruit Turnovers


5- Upside-Down pies & tarts


6- Fruit Dumplings (only bottom subject to sogginess)


7- Crumb Topping pies, Betty, Crumble, Cobbler etc.


8- Basically non-juicy filling pie




Pumpkin Pie With A Secret actually has 2 secrets:


1- Pre-baked Crust category to prevent soggy crust


2- Grate all your own spices for exceptional taste intensity




Tabacco’s Codes:


—–C = Cup


—–T = Tablespoon


Tblsp = Tablespoon


——t = teaspoon


—tsp = teaspoon


PHO = PreHeated Oven


—lbs = pounds



Pumpkin Pie Images

These Pumpkin Pies look enticing, but what about the crusts? Are they all soggy? I have the Solution!




Etude Culinaire





(Doubled Recipe For 2 Pies)


2 x Darlene Schulz pastry recipe (for 2 1-crust pies)


1Tblsp butter, softened




         Custard Filling


1.5C light-brown sugar, packed


10 eggs (2+2/3C)


1tsp cinnamon*


1tsp ginger*


.5tsp nutmeg*


.25tsp cloves*


1tsp salt


2lbs pumpkin (4C)


2C heavy cream






1.Make pastry, form into rounds for 9″ pan, place into pie pans, prick and place pie weights on parchment paper circles in piecrusts.




2.Refrigerate 1/2-hour, then blind bake @450ºF. in PHO for 10-12 minutes or until golden.




3.Butter insides of 2 pie pans.




4.In mixer, blend sugar, eggs, pumpkin, cream & spices until smooth.




5.Pour most of filling into prepared pans, reserving about 1 cup.




6.Place pans in large Bain Marie filled by 1/2-inch water on oven shelf; pour in remaining filling.




7.Bake in PHO @350ºF. fifty minutes or until knife tip, inserted in filling, comes out clean.




8.Cool on wire rack.




9.Loosen filling from pan with knife around edge and by tilting pan from side to side slowly; slide filling into pre-baked pie shell. (NOTE: Use of knife may not be necessary)




*Use only freshly grated spices.


Serve with vanilla ice cream. 


This method insures there will be no soggy crust!




Source: McCall’s Cooking School #1



My favorite piecrust of all follows:


Etude Culinaire


Darlene Schulz Pie Pastry


Double Recipe Makes one 9-10 inch double-crust or 2 single-crust pies



Single Recipe                                            Double Recipe


2C+2t                     Heckers flour               4C+4t


2t                            granulated sugar         4t


1t                            salt                               2t


3/4-C                      Crisco/butter combo     1+1/2C


1                             egg, beaten                  2


1+1/2t                     white wine vinegar       1T


2T                       cold H2O w/ice cubes      4T






1-           Into mixing bowl sift together 2 cups flour, sugar and salt


2-           Cut in Crisco/butter combo


3-           Blend casually so that butter/Crisco visible in dough


4-           In small bowl, combine egg, vinegar and water


5-           Using fork or knife, stir liquids into flour mixture forming a soft dough


6-           DO NOT OVERWORK


7-           Sprinkle with remaining 2 teaspoons flour


8-           Chill one hour before using; also chill pie pans per Alton Brown


S: HET Notebook o/o Daily News, 11/3/82




Graham Cracker Adaptation


When rolling out the dough to form circular piecrust, gradually roll in one-half cup graham cracker crumbs per piecrust (on both sides of crust).  This adaptation is particularly useful with Lemon Curd Meringue Pie, instead of Graham Cracker Crumb Crust, which might become soggy from curd filling when pie goes back into oven to brown the meringue.                 


Source: Cook’s Illustrated ATK “Lemon Meringue Pie” episode



For those of you, too lazy to make your own pies, there is no equal to:


logo Little Pie  LittlePietelnum



Little Pie NW


Little Pie SW




If you try nothing else in life, try this at The Little Pie Company!


They do ship!


3 New York City Locations




14th Street shop:


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(212) 983-3538


The Grand Central Terminal Shop prices may vary.




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One thought on “Pumpkin Pie With Secrets: Intense Taste & No Soggy Crust For People Who Don’t Like Pumpkin Pie – Thanksgiving Classics


    With due respects to Alton Brown, from whom I’ve learned a great deal, and the other TV chefs, these folks are sometimes wrong! Alton still bastes his turkey – WRONG! And he makes pie crusts in a food processor – DEAD WRONG!

    I use a plastic circular cover with a zipper to form my pie dough. The rolling pin never touches the dough. And you can see big gobs of butter in the uncooked dough circle because we are NOT making bread or cake here; we are making pie dough. Homogeneity is NOT what we want. My pre-baked crust is not puff pastry, but it’s pretty doggone close. I like to eat pastry that flakes in cornflake size leaves. Food processors don’t accomplish that!

    So for heaven’s sake, leave the food processor or the mixer alone when you make pie crust.


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